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Texas IX announces new node in San Antonio.
Texas-IX announces node inside 100 Taylor

[San Antonio Texas, November 2020] Texas-IX announces an extension of their Texas peering fabric to the H5 Data Centers facility at 100 Taylor in San Antonio Texas.
Texas-IX has expanded it’s internet exchange fabric into the 100 Taylor location to increase peering in the south-central Texas region.

Justin Wilson of Texas-IX says “100 Taylor is the carrier hotel of San Antonio.  This allows our peering fabric to touch many networks”. Wilson goes on to say, “We are able to further our goal of keeping traffic local by our expansion into 100 Taylor. “

Wilson states “With the demand of increased traffic on service providers especially, peering is becoming more important.  Our goal of multiple locations on Texas-IX will help networks in many ways.”

About Texas Internet Exchange

Texas-IX is a progressive Internet Exchange (IX) with current locations in five data centers across Texas with more on the way.  Texas provides peering fabrics to facilitate faster interconnection between networks as well as assistance to networks new to peering.

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