[St. Louis, Missouri October 2020] In a partnership with Netrality, Fiber Data Internet Exchange (FD-IX) has expanded our hosting capacity in the St. Louis market including 210 Tucker and 900 Walnut.

FD-IX, through a partnership with Netrality, has increased our space footprint at both the 210 Tucker and 900 walnut facilities.  By doing this, FD-IX is now able to house more space for members wishing to join the IX but might not have the local resources to do so.

Justin Wilson of FD-IX says “This expanded space will also allow us to host more content nodes from some of the big providers”. Wilson goes on to say, “We can now bring in more networks to keep that traffic local. “St. Louis is an underserved market of the country in terms of traffic exchanging.  Our expanded presence will increase this capacity.”

About Fiber Data Internet Exchange

FD-IX is a progressive Internet Exchange (IX) with locations in 17 data centers across seven states.  FD-IX provides peering fabrics to facilitate faster interconnection between networks as well as assistance to networks new to peering.

Customer interested in how peering works, should watch our video

If you would like more information on FD-IX please visit https://fd-ix.com .