Hello everyone,

2022 is rapidly coming to a close.  As I sit here, the wind outside is howling with a -37 degree windchill. This is a perfect time to give you an update about our offerings and news.

Indianapolis: Upgrade to 733-401 MUX

We recently completed an upgrade on our mux between 733 West Henry and 401 Shadeland. This will give us 60 10 gig channels between the two facilities in addition to a 100 gig channel for IX needs.  If you need transport between the two facilities, we have plenty of capacity.

On a related note, we also have waves between 733 and 701.  You can always use your IX connection to go between facilities if you need to.

Content Node Updates

As many of you may know, we have Akamai, Cloudflare, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and some others we can’t mention due to NDAs.  We are busy spinning up cache nodes in St. Louis and Texas as part of a larger upgrade.  As more hardware is entering the supply chain, we can obtain new servers at reasonable costs.  This allows us to spin up new services.

Connections to other locations
From Indianapolis, we have connections to the following:

-350 Cermak in Chicago
-717 South Wells in Chicago
-210 Tucker In St. Louis
-900 walnut in St. Louis
-1310 Fannin in Houston
-Equinix Ashburn
-WOW data center in Columbus, Ohio
-H5 Cincinnati


New Locations
During 2022 FD-IX turned up many new locations as well as some extra services in those locations.  As a result we have rack space in the following locations

-350 Cermak Chicago
-717 South Wells Chicago
-1950 Stemmons (Cologix) Dallas
-401 North Shadeland Indianapolis
-210 Tucker St. Louis

These locations can accommodate 1-4U comfortably for folks.  For larger deployments, we want to engage with our Data Center partners so they can come up with a solution.

As mentioned above, we have several Data Center partners we are working with where we have a presence inside their facilities.

Cologix https://cologix.com/
Fibertown https://fibertown.com/
H5 Data Centers https://h5datacenters.com/
LifeLine Data Centers https://lifelinedatacenters.com/
LightEdge https://www.lightedge.com/
Netrality https://netrality.com/

Look for more news coming from us soon.  As always, you can reach out to us at sales@fd-ix.comhelpdesk@fd-ix.comor visit https://fd-ix.com.